1957 - Inaugural Meeting
On the 14th February 1957, a small group of men gathered in Wellington to form a Federation that could wield some strength in representation to Government, to further some standardisation with componentry and possibly generate some buying power [Read the minutes here]. A major concern of the day was the imported trailers that didn’t meet local regulations in terms of width, length and braking efficiency. A perennial problem that we still face today.
Those men represented some of the biggest builders of the day. Some of them are still represented by a later generation today. There were other builders then, who never joined the Federation. But these ten men forged an empire. For more on the Federation guardians ... [read more]
In 2006, we completed our first book, Ridin' the Rainbow, to record this history and to pay tribute to those men and those that followed. The book sold out but we have reproduced the chapters for the industry to enjoy. [read more]
In 2024, we are proud to release our second book - In the Blood. This book reflects on the next generation of trailer builder, and how they have overcome, and in the most part, flourished, during 20 years. [read more]