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A local manufacturer (IO) is a company that employs one or more staff as a vehicle inspector (VI) to certify vehicle components from manufacture through to installation. An IO or VI obtains the design and a S.O.D.C from an engineer or, where allowed, uses standards or pre-approved designs. The IO is responsible for the inspection/certification outcome and must at all times provide and maintain sufficient equipment and systems to support the tasks undertaken by VI in their employ. Both the IO and VI must have the appropriate categories for the work they intend to certify

A local manufacturer Vehicle Inspector (VI), trained and assessed by the NZTTMF and once appointed by the Transport Agency may certify the manufacture and installation of components using an S.O.D.C or, where appropriate, standards or pre-approved designs for the aspects that they hold the appropriate categories for. A local manufacturer vehicle inspector (VI) may only sign the LT400 if they are in the employ of a local manufacturer inspecting organisation (IO) and they both hold the categories that are appropriate to the task.

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The process

Once you decide you want to become a Certifying Manufacturer, your company can apply to NZTA to become an Inspecting organisation


See the tab below for the next assessment course dates and enrol the nominated person from your company who will be the Vehicle Inspector - this person needs to be experienced in the various activities 

Once the person has sat and passed the course, you then apply to NZTA for him/her to be a Vehicle Inspector


NZTA will arrange for a site assessment with your company

Once NZTA is satisfied that your company and your premises and processes are suitable then your company and your delegate will be registered with a authorisation number that will allow your Vehicle Inspector to sign LT400 certificates for those categories applied for


The course

Local manufacturer vehicle inspectors (VI) are assessed for each category of certification they wish to undertake to ensure they have the appropriate technical skills and statutory knowledge to undertake the certifications planned.

The Assessment Course is provided by the TTMF and is held 4 - 5 times per year depending on demand. There are five units assessed: Welding, Load Anchorage, Bolsters, Towing connections and Chassis.

The course is over 4 days (in 2 day blocks where possible) and an exam for each module is held at the end of it's session. A score of 75% or better is required to pass. If the delegate passes the course, NZTA is notified and they will complete a site assessment on the company.

The  cost of the course $1900.00 plus GST for non-members and $ 1500.00 plus GST for members. Re-sit cost is $375.00 plus GST per module. All fees must be paid prior to attending the course.

Please note: Prior to attending the course, delegates need to ensure they have copies of the relevant codes and standards and must bring them to the course. See the pre-course informationPre-course information

Course Dates

Course numbers are limited - please register early to secure your place - contact the secretary kateb@tesnz.com

Dates are subject to demand


Matamata - Course program

7 - 8 February Module 1-3
21 - 22 February Module 4-5

Christchurch - Course program

18 March (reduced to 1 day course for resits only and
course moved to Gore)

Gore - Course program

19 - 22 March Module 1-5

MatamataCourse program

28 - 31 May Module 1-5

Future courses TBA 


It is not compulsory to join TTMF in order to become a Certifying Manufacturer, but we reccommend membership in order to receive any circulations and information about the courses and future approved repairs. It also enables us to help and support you through this journey.

Not a member? Click [here] to join or contact Kate Bucknell for the next course information: kateb@tesnz.com

Guidelines for joining on line: Uploads/Gecco-first-time-log-in.pdf