Over the years we were headed by business leaders who possessed great skills and a passion for the Federation. Some took on the mantel more than once. Despite their busy, burgeoning businesses, they still committed significant time and energy to administer and grow the reach and influence of the NZTTMF.

The names in the list of past presidents (below) will appear in much of our history, not just in their contribution to our leadership but in the empires they built and the innovations they launched.

Some of those have been honoured by the Federation with Life Membership in recognition of their great service and we include our tributes to them [here]

There were other men in the historical journey of the TTMF whose contribution demands recognition by us and future generations. They built empires. Here are their stories (return to our History page)

1957 F J May Abingdons   1973 C Johnston Transport Industries
1958   D Domett Highway Tspt Engineering   1976   S Cox Steel Bros 
1959 G J Busfield Trailer Manufacturing Ltd   1977  R Law  Domett Fruehauf Trailers 
1960 V Hanstock Beadle Welding    1979 N Peterken Road Runner Trailers 
1961 R Steel Steel Bros   1981 G Walsh Steel Bros
1962 G Watson NZ Transport Supplies    1983  R Lee Mills Tui 
1963 R Law Domett Truck and Trailer    1986 B Macdonald Fairfax Industries
1965 J Howarth Freighter-Lowe Ltd    1989  D Gillies  Transfleet Equipment
1966 C Vincent Ray Vincent Ltd   1991 D Graham Graham Motor Bodies
1967 P Walker W P Walker Ltd   1993 G Steel Steel Bros
1969 N Todd Jack Tidd Ross Todd   1997 G Banks Maxitrans
1971 R Law Domett Fruehauf Trailers    2001 K Smith Fruehauf

In 2002 management of the NZTTMF was changed to a secretariat