1957 - Inaugural Meeting
On the 14th February 1957, a small group of men gathered in Wellington to form a Federation that could wield some strength in representation to Government, to further some standardisation with componentry and possibly generate some buying power. A major concern of the day was the imported trailers that didn’t meet local regulations in terms of width, length and braking efficiency. A perennial problem that we still face today.
There was also a concern about a proposal to increase the length of articulated vehicles from 36ft to 40ft - its' limitations and dangers... who knew?
Those men represented some of the biggest builders of the day. Some of them are still represented by a later generation today. There were other builders then, who never joined the Federation and some that eventually did, but didn't last. But these ten men forged an empire. For more on the Federation guardians ... [click here]

Who was first commercial Trailer Builder?
History is unclear - there are two contenders for this title pre-dating World War II:
Inglis Brothers and Abingdons.
Inglis Bros. advertised their semi trailers in 1925. Abingdons claimed they built their first in 1933
It's not known if each advert was their first...
Inglis Bros was incorporated in 1916 and was dissolved in 1942 so there is little known about the.
Abingdon Trailers was a foundation member of TTMF and it's sole owner, Eric May, was our first Life member. In 1964 Rod Steel (Steel Bros) bought all of Eric Mays shares and consequently their import license.

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